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Intellectual Property

Any usage of intellectual property owned by Clever Things, LLC is strictly governed by our Brand Usage Policy.

Internet Domain Name Portfolio

Trademarks / Servicemarks

  • Clever News Network℠
  • Clever Things℠
  • Clever People℠
  • Clever Gift Ideas℠
  • Click And Drag Show℠
  • Nightlife In Atlanta℠
  • Exploring Atlanta Nightlife - One Party At A Time℠
  • Discovering Egypt with Gary Wright II™
  • Gary's Guide to Crafts™
  • Gary's Guide to Gardening™
  • - Memoirs of The Struggler: The First 50 Years™
  • Geek Food™
  • Leelah!™
  • Pride Against Prejudice™
  • Protect Yo Shit!℠
  • Social Commentary from the C-Suite to Main Street℠
  • Struggler™
  • Struggler - The Resurrection™
  • Stump The Chump™
  • The Wright Perspective℠


Clever Things℠


Nightlife In Atlanta

The Wright Perspective℠

Clever People℠

Clever Gift Ideas℠


Struggler - The Resurrection™

This policy was last revised on Monday, November 30th, 2020.

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